Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guess What I Did This Week...

I would like to say that this week I worked very hard and accomplished a lot.  That is not the case.  I had great plans for this week.  I was going to finish an outfit and get it listed on Etsy.  I was going to get my meals planned and grocery shop for the week.  Then, on Tuesday, it happened. 

They predicted snow.  The whole town got so excited.  The kids, my kids, were anticipating the calling off of the school day.  We woke up.  Not a snowflake in sight.  At around 11 I got a text from my daughter saying that they were letting the kids out at 12.  Seriously???  Once again, not a snowflake in sight.  So, off I went to wait in car lines for kids.  We came home and relaxed.  Well, I took a nap.  LOL!  Still, no snow.  At around 3PMish, there were snow flurries coming down.  Well, I would really call it that.  You see, I am originally from Ohio.  This was more like micro snow flurries.  A friend of mine on Facebook described it well.  She said it looked like little gnats.  She was right.  However, it continued and was constant throughout the night. 

By Wednesday morning, we had snow dusted all over our back yard.  It was not that big of a deal, but the ice on the roads was serious.  See, in Ohio, they would have had salt trucks out as soon as the snow started falling.  In the south, they do not.  Why?  Well, it is because we do not get snow that often.  They do not use tax payer money to buy up a bunch of salt truck that may or may not be used.  That equals icy roads that do not thaw and people driving on them that are not experienced with driving on ice.  I was very thankful that they did send the kids home early.


Well, my sister and her family live south of us.  They were absolutely not ready for the storm they received.  They schools did not call off early enough.  The snow hit fast and hard.  They also do not have the snow/salt trucks there, because, once again, snow is rare.  She and her husband left for work and picking up the kids at around 11 in the morning.  At 5:45PM, I received a text from my sister that she and the kids were finally home.  There were also people and kids in other areas that did not make it home until 24 hours later.  WOW! 

So, I was thankful for my time at home and getting here safe.  We relaxed and I worked in spurts.  I did accomplish finishing up some smocking and back smocking of an outfit that is still in the making.  I hope today to get some work done on the sleeves and put the top together.  Be looking for this new outfit on my Etsy shop.  Also, if you are need of some custom made dresses or outfits for your little one, or if you need a baby shower gift, stop by Sewing Sweet Tracy or my Facebook Page.  We can get started making something special for you and your little one.

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