Friday, February 7, 2014


Ok, my husband and I have been discussing getting rid of our AT&T U-verse cable.  We really like the DVR thing, and being able to watch when we want.  The problem is, it is expensive.  We think we could save some money if we did things another way.  Our family is not a huge TV family.  We only have like 3 or 4 shows that we watch, and 2 that are favorites.  The others we most likely could get by not watching.  So, on to research.

We started by looking into Netflix.  We signed up for the one month free trial.  WOW!!!  The amount of shows that are available is amazing.  We found a bunch of old episodes of shows we watched as kids, and some new ones we had not seen.  We also tried Hulu Plus for a few days, but that was not much different than the Netflix.  Actually, Netflix gave us more options.  We are still in the process of trying to decide what to do, but for now the Netflix stays and the U-verse is on its way out. 

One of the new shows that we found is Dr. Who.  If you don't know, Dr. Who is a show from the BBC.  It is about a man that is a time traveler.  My kids loved it.  There are a few references to lifestyles that are questionable to us, but for the most part it is interesting.  Now, I told you my kids loved the show.  Me, on the other hand, became addicted.  I just keep watching.  I am totally lost in a huge time vortex.  OH NO!!!

Maybe I can get Dr. Who to come and save me.  LOL!!!

Seriously, I have spent time watching this show, but I have also been busy.  I did manage to complete one dress and started another.  Below is a picture of the first one.  The second one, began with a great idea, but it is not working out the way I had planned.

Bishop Smocked Dress
So, I decided to put the second one aside, and wait until I have had time to think about the finished product. 

Now, that I have put that one aside, I purchased some Green Chevron.  I have 2 ideas for 2 different bishop smocked dresses.  My plan is to have them ready by Spring.  Flowers and Flip Flops.  That is the idea that I have. 

So, if you ever get addicted to a show, make sure that you have something to work on while you are lost in the show.  By the way, the dress in the picture is available for sale on my Etsy shop.  It can be purchased there, or you can custom order one of my other outfits there. 

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