Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dave Ramsey Wallet

Have you taken the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class?  We have, and we are living mostly debt free.  The only thing we have left is to pay off that dreaded mortgage.  That class was the best thing for our marriage and our children's future.  We are still teaching them about all things F.P.U.  That will take us some more time. 

Did you get a F.P.U. wallet?  We did.  I tried to use it for a while, but I did not like the envelopes.  While I was at the store, the flaps on the envelopes became very annoying.  So, I found my own wallet that had some dividers and added some small dividers.  This has been very helpful.  However, my wallet is starting to tear up, and I need a new one.  The only problem is, I can't find one that will work.  Also, we are getting out kids involved in the process and they are needed a way to keep their categories separate.

I have looked on Etsy and other places in order to figure out how to make a wallet.  Most of the ones I have seen are fabric versions of the envelopes or several zipper wallets together in one big one.  These would work, but I think I can do better.  So, today I am going to try to work on my version of the Dave Ramsey wallet. The main things are it needs to be practical and fashionable for my daughter(yes, she is at that age).  I am pretty sure that I can get it figured out, but my concern is the zippers.  Zippers are not always user friendly when comes to sewing.  So, wish me luck.  With any luck, by the end of the weekend, I will have a finished product that the girl will enjoy.

For those of you in the midst of the F.P.U. journey, I send you my Debt Free motivation.  Get there and you will never go back.  It is wonderful on this side of the mountain.  Come on over, we have no stress, no debt, and a lot of FREEDOM!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Playing Around

OK, I finally was able to have some fun today.  I have spent the last few days trying to make a knit dress for my daughter.  It was not successful.  Knit is a horrible fabric to use, when sewing clothing.  The most difficult part is cutting and matching up seams.  Needless to say, the dress does not look the way I wished.  It will work for my daughter to wear for awhile.  The lesson I learned...Don't let her pick out the material.  She has not idea what to use when making clothing. 

After all of that, I decided to play with my embroidery machine for a while.  Also, I saw that a friend of mine was making Infinity Scarves.  So, I tried one, and it was so fun and easy.  I was thinking that it would be fun to make scarves for the people that I know at David Lipscomb who are in Social Clubs, but I don't know all their colors.  So, basically, I just played with some ideas.  I am attaching pictures of my fun at the bottom.  Also, check out the link at the bottom to my friends shop.  She makes some very cute items.

Lovely Leaf Crafts and Designs

Monogram Font

Monogram on Green

Infinity Scarf

Close up of embroidery
School Bus Appliqué

Friday, February 1, 2013

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this Sunday.  Did you know that?  I am ashamed to say that it was not on my radar.  So that gets me to thinking...What team are you going to be cheering for?  Honestly, I do not even know who is playing.  However, if your particular team wins, or if you just want to show your support, Sewing Sweet has items for you. 

Tote Bag - This tote bag is made in USC material for those University of South Carolina fans.  However, it can be recreated in material that gives support to your team.  Also, it can be monogrammed with your initials.  The dimensions for the bag pictures is pretty big.  If you are a teacher, or have a lot to carry, this is the bag for you.  If you would like a different size bag, that can be arranged.  Just send me a message or email me and we can get you a bag that you will love.

T-Shirts - This t-shirt is also made with USC  material.  I have appliquéd first, middle, and last initial on the shirt.  This can be done for you.  Once again, let me know your team colors and what initials you would like.  Your t-shirt will be on its way soon.  I can also embroider your name on the shirt. 

So, no matter if you are a Baltimore or a San Francisco fan, I can create a shirt for you.  You don't want a shirt.  OK.  Maybe a tote bag is what you would like.  If that is the case, you have come to the right place.  You will be sporting your team colors in no time.