Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Back to School Item that You Just Got to Have!

This Summer, I have learned to make Cinch Sacks.  They are also known as Drawstring Bags.  They are loads of fun and have so many options.  You can make them in all sorts of colors and fabric choices.  Here are two samples that I have made:

The Barrel of Monkeys sack is $15.  The Auburn sack is $20.  If you are interested in having either one monogrammed or embroidered with a name, it will cost $5 more for each monogram or name.
Barrel of Monkeys Sack

Auburn Sack

 Do you have a favorite team?  Well, these bags can be made with fabric from your team.  Auburn, Alabama, USC, Clemson, Florida, etc.  These may not be your favorite.  Who is your favorite team?

These bags can also be monogrammed or embroidered with a name.  Appliqué is also a nice touch.  There is no end to the possibilities.  I have played around with the idea of making these bags in school colors.  What do you think?  Would your child like a bag that shows school spirit?

How about a Cinch Lunch Sack?  When shopping for lunch boxes for my kids, I have found it hard to find one that is big enough for the food they need, or big enough for the water bottle they carry.  I know, most people probably send juice boxes or Capri Sun with their kids.  I tend to send water.  Yes, it is a little boring, but it is healthy.  Also, I know most people have their kids buy lunch, but imagine the money you will save having a cool lunch bag.  We took the time the other day to total up the cost of lunches from the time a child begins Kindergarten until they graduate High School.  It was a little difficult.  Here is what I can tell you: 1. Lunch for one day at school is $2.10, 2. Multiply that times 5 days and you get $10.5, 3. Multiply that times 4 weeks in a month and you get $42(I am aware that some months have 5.  I just picked 4 because most have 4.), 4. Multiply that times 9ish months and you get $378, 5. Multiply that times 13 years of school and you get $4914 that you could spend on lunches over the course of your child's school life.  WOW!!!  What do you think you could do with $4914?  Having a Cinch Lunch Sack for you child will save you money, and you can actually fix what your child likes to eat.  Now, I have not made a sample Lunch Sack yet, but that is my plan.  So, let me know if you are interested in saving your family some money on lunches.