Friday, January 16, 2015

Now What???

OK, so your have learned how to sew.  You took a class, you watched at Youtube video, or you just read a "Sewing For Dummies" book.  Whatever your method was, you have reached the point where you would like to try out the things you have learned.  I know for me, once I have seen all of the options, I want to actually do some practice.  That way, I can assure myself that I know what I am doing.  The "knowing what I am doing" part doesn't happen that often, but it is worth a try.  So, the questions is...NOW WHAT???

Well, I am glad you asked, because that is the topic for today.  Easy beginner sewing projects.  If you google "easy beginning sewing projects", you will get around 900,000 to 1,000,000 results.  WOW!!!  I don't know about you, but that is way too many for my little brain.  So, I will give you 3 projects that you may want to try:

1. Simple Square Curtains

Notice the word SIMPLE.  We are not talking about a valance or a draped curtain.  We are talking about a simple square curtain.  They are easy, because you are just sewing straight stitches.  There are no twists or turns.  You cut a square, make a pocket for the rod, and then put a hem.  That is it.  I would not try this with fancy curtain fabric...yet.  My first curtains were made with 200 thread count sheets.  That was even better.  No cutting!  Just stitch together and thread the rod through.  Also, make sure that you are using a solid fabric or a fabric that doesn't matter what direction you hang the curtain.

Here is a good video to get you started:

Simple Curtains Part 1
Simple Curtains Part 2

Here is a great blog to help as well:

Sewing 101: Curtains

2. Pillow Case

Seriously, a pillow case is very easy.  The best ones are all the same fabric.  Once again, a simple square, and this square only has 3 seams.  That is even better.  You can find measurements for a standard pillow case online.  Measure 2 squares, sew them together and there you go. 

This is a great video to help you:

Easy Tube Pillow Case

3. Tote Bag

The last easy sewing project is a tote bag or purse.  You can make these any way you like, but the easiest way is just a square.  Cut some fabric into 2 squares and then stitch up the sides and bottom.  Well, that is not all, but it is really very easy. Try these links to help you:

Easy Tote Bag Pattern

I hope this is helpful to get you sewing.  Don't be afraid of new patterns.  They are surprisingly easy, and you will be so excited when you are done.  Good luck and happy sewing.

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